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Research Integrity Training FY 2023

The Kyoto University Action Plan for the Promotion of Research Integrity was established to promote education on research ethics and related matters at Kyoto University. In accordance with the plan, Kyoto University provides mandatory research integrity training for faculty members, researchers, and graduate students in the form of an APRIN e-learning program. The APRIN e-learning program must be taken at least once per specified three-year period. FY 2023 is the third year of the three-year period 2021–2023. Faculty members, researchers, and graduate students who did not take the course in FY 2021 or 2022 are therefore required to take it in the current period.

The course is not mandatory for undergraduate students, non-regular students (research students, auditing students, etc.), and non-research staff, but such persons are recommended to take the course electively, and all persons who will co-author an academic paper must take the e-learning course in advance.

Course materials

APRIN e-learning program "京都大学 全学共通基礎コース(Kyoto University Common Foundational Course) (2021)"

Deadline for taking the course

Newly-employed faculty members and researchers are required to take the course within approximately two weeks from their date of employment.

Persons who are required to take the course

All persons engaged in research activities at Kyoto University (including graduate students) and persons who deliver lectures at Kyoto University. Please see the "FAQ" for a list of the specific employment positions for which the course is mandatory.

How to take the course

Visit the APRIN e-learning program website (https://edu.aprin.or.jp), enter your username and password to log in to the system. Please take the course as per the instructions contained in the course manual. Please note that the username and course manual differ depending on the designation of the individual taking the course.

Points to note

Manuals (PDF)